Michael Yoder


Michael Yoder



Being selected as a scholar for the Arlin M. Adams Center has been one of the most monumental accomplishments of my academic career at Susquehanna University. The opportunities provided by the Adams Center have enabled me to utilize what I have learned in the classroom in real-life situations, and the hands-on experience I have gained through internships has given me a much more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the legal process and all that it entails.

At the beginning of my sophomore year, I was selected to intern for the Snyder County District Attorney. Working in the DA’s office exposed me to a plethora of information and legal processes which ranged from attending treatment court proceedings to the prosecution of a 16-year-old homicide trial. In the latter case, I was responsible for compiling all the data pertaining to the homicide investigation and generating a summary of what happened based on the 700 pages of police reports. I learned a tremendous amount during this process. The direct exposure to law enforcement, judges and defense council was incredibly useful. By the end of my time in the district attorney’s office, I felt as though I could successfully prosecute a mock trial myself.

The intricacy of the legal process is often times skewed and inaccurately portrayed in textbooks, and the only way to see how our judicial system really works is to experience it first-hand. Without this internship, I would be steps behind where I am now, and the knowledge I have gained and experiences I have gained have made the perception of attending law school transition from being a frightening experience to an experience that I am looking forward to.

For this school year, I have been selected to intern for the Judge’s Chambers of the 17th Judicial District of Pennsylvania. I will be handling legal research, helping write court opinions and auditing files.

The Adams Center has done much to shape my career path. Overall, I would advocate an internships like this to any student who even has the slightest interest in law. The experience it provides is extraordinary, and with such a valuable resource at your fingertips, you would be doing a disservice to yourself to not take advantage of this great program.

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Michael Yoder