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Ariana Stowe



As a transfer student to Susquehanna in my sophomore year, I was drawn to the vast opportunities that Susquehanna provided students to thrive in their academic interests in and outside the classroom. As a student interested in law school, the Prelaw Society stood out as a chance to be surrounded by others who were on a similar path as me. It was through this society that I learned more about the Adams Center Scholars program. The Adams Center Scholars program is just one example of these amazing opportunities for students to grow through real world experiences in the area of social justice and law.

During my senior year, I was selected to intern at North Penn Legal Services in Sunbury, Pa., to work alongside managing attorney, Pete Macky. North Penn Legal Services offers legal help to low income individuals in 20 counties in Northeast Pennsylvania and deals with civil issues such as: consumer, education, family, housing, utilities, elderly, employment, public benefits and domestic violence. During my internship, I assisted Mr. Macky by editing client correspondence and preparing briefs and memos. I had the opportunity to attend client interviews and various hearings at the Northumberland County Courthouse. My work also extended to helping to organize a fundraising event for the office, which was a great success.

My experience at North Penn was truly invaluable. I really enjoyed seeing the open connection that Mr. Macky had with his clients and how accessible he was to them. The internship definitely sparked my interest in getting involved in public service because I was able to see how the law truly extends to every person regardless of his or her circumstance, and it is important that these services continue to be available.

My legal career is just beginning. Post graduation, I plan to work at a law firm in the Washington, D.C., area to gain more work experience before attending law school. I leave Susquehanna knowing exactly what I want to do with my career and my internship through the Adams Center was a determining factor in deciding my future.

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