Stephanie Stewart


Stephanie Stewart



Working within the legal system to help better the lives of others has always been something that interested me. The Adams Center for Law and Society provided me with the opportunity to do just that. During my senior year I was connected with a national organization that gives abused and neglected children a voice. The Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for children in Northumberland and Lycoming counties has volunteers that work within the court systems and with social workers to serve the needs and improve the lives of children and their families.

As a senior sociology and psychology student I plan to work with children and families in need. I have always believed that taking one small step to improve the life of a child can turn families and societies around. My time with CASA confirmed this belief. I saw firsthand that taking the time to listen and improve the quality of the life of a child can do wonders for societies. CASA volunteers have the ability to help out with schooling and medical needs, behavioral issues and parental rights, but above all, can listen. And sometimes, having someone to just listen can do more good than ever imagined.

My internship with CASA not only allowed me to apply things I had learned within the classroom to the real situations, but gave me a new perspective to things that I hadn’t thought about before. I learned more about the court systems, was able to work closely with volunteers and was able to sit in on numerous court cases. I developed a sense of understanding for human rights and needs that will continue with me far beyond my four years of undergraduate education. I sincerely thank the Adams Center for providing me with this invaluable opportunity.

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Stephanie Stewart