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Bryon Chowka



Both my father and my grandfather devoted their lives to law enforcement, public service and protection of the community Not surprisingly, law-related topics were at the core of innumerable conversations at the dinner table on family occasions. Initially, I took these often heated discussions for granted, but as I grew up I became increasingly interested in what was being said. Over time, this budding interest in the law and its impact on individuals and society developed into a compelling passion of mine – one which has influenced my educational path so far and, hopefully, will define my graduate education and future career trajectory.

My work as an Adams Center scholar has led to a number of opportunities to further my academic and personal interests in the law. For example, during the summer and fall of 2011, I have interned at the Court of Common Pleas of Northumberland County with President Judge Robert Sacavage and Judge William Harvey Wiest.

My internship experiences have added hands-on experience that advances the theoretical aspects of law that I have learned in the classroom. Finding and interpreting case law, discussing orders and opinions with the judges and law clerks, and collaborating with local attorneys is part of my typical day at court.

This opportunity has put me in the hands of the area’s finest practitioners of law. Learning from the best and brightest will not only give me an advantage in law school, but also in life. I believe though that most rewarding experience I have gained from this internship are the personal connections and friendships that I have made with certain individuals who have fostered my growth as a student interested in law and importantly, as a person.

Upon graduation, my plan is to attend law school. Because of the Adams Center, I have made significant advancements in reaching this next step in my life.

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Bryon Chowka