Sara Budsock


Sara Budsock



My association with the Adams Center for Law and Society afforded me one of the greatest opportunities I’ve had as a student at Susquehanna University. During the summer prior to my senior year at SU, the Adams Center sponsored a nearly full-time internship position I held at the Snyder County District Attorney’s Office. As a student planning to attend law school after graduation, my experiences at the DA’s office taught me a great deal about criminal law and provided a perspective on my potential career path that I would otherwise have missed entirely.

While at the DA’s office, I wrote case briefs of Pennsylvania Superior Court decisions. Additionally, I was entrusted with various responsibilities related to case work while attending hearings and trials and I assisted the DA with planning various community outreach programs. Prior to my internship I never realized how much behind the scenes work is associated with criminal proceedings and managing the legal aspects of community safety in Snyder County. I really felt that I got an entirely new understanding of how the legal system works. Of course, I’m very grateful for the opportunity the Adams Center provided. Without the center’s sponsorship, I never would have been able to sustain an internship like this one. Interestingly, my internship helped me to decide that law school is not the right career path for me. Through my work with the DA in community outreach, I learned how rewarding a career in public service can be. Based on experience, I have decided to pursue a graduate degree in public policy. I am thankful to the Adam Center for providing me insight into a perspective career goal, and eventually allowing me to make an educated decision on the right career path for me.

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Sara Budsock