Ethan Eastwood


Ethan Eastwood



The Adams Law Center has provided me with the unique opportunity to intern with the 17th Judicial District Court of Common Pleas of Snyder and Union counties. This internship has provided me with a strong foundation in the understanding of courtroom procedure through my observation a variety of proceedings brought before several of the judges.

Moreover, I was given unique access to in-chamber discussions with attorneys and governmental meetings as the judge met with local, state and congressional officials. Overall, these experiences have provided me with a keen understanding the nature of human interaction within the context of the court. I have learned that though the operation of the court is highly dependent on procedure and precedent, individuals and personalities play an important role. Of particular value to me as I consider a career in law has been the ability to hear to the judges explain the significance of different things I observe. Listening to their observations based off years of professional experience has given me a practical understanding of the operation of the law unparalleled by any classroom learning.

I also gained experience by performing a variety of tasks for court administration. I aided in the preparation of orders, form packets, and trail binders. I also conducted research at the direction of the judges. I worked with the probation office looking up items ranging from statistics of retail theft victims to individual cases. I also conducted a statewide survey of Pennsylvania’s 67 county probation offices to determine the prevalence of Youth Aid Panel diversion programs. My findings were part of a presentation the judge gave concern ligation reducing volunteer programs.

Overall my experiences gained through my Adams Law Center internship have been invaluable not only to the development of my desired legal career but my overall professional growth. I have gained a deeper insight into how people work in a court setting and how the law operates. Moreover I have gained further practice in applying my research skills in a practical setting. I am truly grateful to the Adams Law Center and the 17th Judicial District for this learning opportunity.

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Ethan Eastwood