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Susquehanna University Symphonic Band

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James B. Steffy, Conductor

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Sonata pian' e forte

This work, written for brass choir, was first performed at St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice in 1597. Gabrieli wrote the work for antiphonal brass choirs.

Concerto for Trombone and Band

The Concerto for Trombone was written in 1887. The first performance was played by the United Bands of the Navy Department of Russia, the composer conducting. The work was written to provide a solo composition of “a less hackneyed nature than usual.” The composer was interested as well in learning to master the virtuoso style of the trombone. Recorded here are the second and third movements of the work.

When Jesus Wept

Chester Overture

William Shuman’s “New England Triptych” is based on themes by William Billings, an important figure in the history of American music. The second and third portions of this work have been written for band as well as orchestra, the composer writing the music for both groups. “When Jesus Wept” has the deep religious feeling, the mystic fervor of the devout eighteenth century New Englanders. The final sections, “Chester,” was composed originally as a hymn but it became a marching song for the Continental Army, and Schuman draws from both the church hymn and he rousing march for his music.

SUSQUEHANNA UNIVERSITY is a Lutheran liberal arts college offering the Bachelor of Arts degree, and the Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education and Business Administration. Through these fields of study the university seeks to stimulate an appetite for pure learning which will prepare its students for the professions, the business world, and further study in recognized graduate schools.

THE DIVISION OF MUSIC is housed in the attractive Heilman Hall (pictured on the front cover) and is staffed by ten music faculty members. Most of the division’s 75 students prepare for careers in public school teaching. Ensemble groups include orchestra, choir, symphonic band, small instrumental and vocal ensembles, and a marching band composed of brass and percussion instruments.

THE SYMPHONIC BAND consists of undergraduate students from all curricula. The group rehearses twice weekly as an entire unit. During the fall season the woodwinds rehearse in ensembles while the brass and percussion instruments are involved in marching. During this time the symphonic band rehearses once weekly. In addition to performances on campus each year, the band annually tours in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

CONDUCTOR of the Symphonic Band is James B. Steffy, Mr, Steffy attended The Curtis Institute of Music and holds degrees from West Chester, Pa., State College and Pennsylvania State University. During summers he is a faculty member of the New England Music Camp in Oakland, Maine. Dr. James M. Stoltie is a graduate of Knox College in Galesburg, Ill., and holds a Ph.D. in Woodwinds and Woodwind Pedagogy from the State University of Iowa.

Narration, “Tour Opening” – Lynn Lerew

Brass Photo – Courtesy of Selmer Band Instrument Company

Cover Design – George R. F. Tamke

Recording – WFB Productions, Souderton, Pa.

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Susquehanna University Symphonic Band