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Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry


A series of twelve anionic, cationic, and neutral nickel (II) complexes have been synthesized and characterized. The interaction of these complexes with bovine serum albumin (BSA), human serum albumin (HSA), lysozyme (Lyso), and tryptophan (Trp) has been studied using steady-state fluorescence spectroscopy. Dynamic and static quenching constants have been calculated, and the role played in quenching by the ligand and complex charge investigated. The nickel complexes showed selectivity towards the different proteins based on the environment surrounding the Trp residue(s). Only small neutral complexes with hydrophobic ligands effectively quenched protein fluorescence via static quenching, with association constants ranging from 102 M-1 (free Trp) to 1010 M-1 (lysozyme), indicating a spontaneous and thermodynamically favorable interaction. The number of binding sites, on average, was determined to be one in BSA, HSA and free Trp, and two in lysozyme.

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