The People of the Broken Neck


The People of the Broken Neck


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From the woods where he hides with his nearly grown son Clarke and his young daughter King, ex-Army Ranger Dominick Sawyer watches Agent Charlie Basin’s flashlight beam bounce on the walls inside his cabin. Dom’s wife is missing. His post-trauma hallucinations rip at him explosively and bring him to his knees. And a local deputy sheriff is dead. When the FBI agents recede into the night, the Sawyers begin to run, across the country in stolen trucks, leaving a trail of blood behind them. Together with a young girl they pick up on the road, they hope to run until they find a peaceable place in the American Northwest.But Agent Basin sees his own troubled family reflected in Dom’s haunted existence, and his pursuit is relentless.All any of them want is to spirit King away to someplace safe.All she wants is not to be afraid of her father and to find out why her mother disappeared.



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The People of the Broken Neck