Letting go of legacy services : library case studies


Letting go of legacy services : library case studies


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The last few years have proven beyond any doubt that libraries cannot afford to coast along with the status quo. Just as important as proposing and adding new services is the sometimes unpleasant process of critically examining existing realities and letting go of obsolete or less useful programs. But instead of panicking about budgetary and staffing challenges, libraries can choose a measured, proactive response. The contributors in this practical guidebook take readers step-by-step through approaches they've used at their own institutions, offering models that can be adapted to a wide variety of settings. After reading this book library directors and administrators will have insights into How planned abandonment strategies grounded in assessment-based decision making can allow libraries to focus on what they do best Common sense solutions to "pressure points" common across many different libraries, such as difficulties in dealing with data, communicating to internal and external populations, and the ordinary day-to-day pressures of running a library The first steps towards formulating a plan of action, and ways to make evaluation of services a regular part of organizational culture Analysis of each case study, and suggestions for further exploration Through examination of these case studies, librarians can develop a framework that helps lead to more structured thinking about what is vitally important for their own library's future.



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Letting go of legacy services : library case studies