(Dis)Embodiment and Subject Formation in María Lourdes Pallais’s Prisionera de mi tío (2006)

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Journal of Gender and Sexuality Studies / Revista de Estudios de Género y Sexualidades


Avoiding dominant post-war Central American narrative approaches of disenchantment, cynicism, and neoliberalism, Nicaraguan María Lourdes Pallais’s novel Prisionera de mi tío (2006) explores the pre-Sandinista Revolution era and the notion of ideological subject formation. I argue that through processes of embodiment in the narrative, the reader’s body is placed at stake through the negotiation of meaning and emotional and sensorimotor experiences of impotence, nausea, and fetid odors, especially during the protagonist’s rape. This embodiment establishes a direct participation in the protagonist’s subject formation, which I read as an ideological strategy to further feminist social change in the 21st century.