Submissions from 2021


Building Capacity for Creativity: Rediscovering the Inner “Superhero” as a Mechanism for Developing a Creative Mindset for Entrepreneurial Problem-Solving, Emma Fleck and Jennifer Asmuth

Submissions from 2020


Friend Support and the Parenting of Latina Adolescent Mothers: The Moderating Role of Maternal Age, Erin Smith, Stephanie G. Silberman, Josefina M. Grau, Patricia Castellanos, and Patra A. Duran

Submissions from 2019

Metaphoric extension, relational categories, and abstraction, Jennifer Asmuth and Dedre Gentner


Dyadic synchrony among young Latina mothers and their toddlers: The role of maternal and child behavior, Aimee T. Hammer, Josefina M. Grau, Stephanie G. Silberman, and Erin N. Smith

Submissions from 2018


Children’s Understanding of the Natural Numbers’ Structure, Jennifer Asmuth, Emily M. Morson, and Lance J. Rips

Submissions from 2015


Transfer of memory retrieval cues attenuates the context specificity of latent inhibition, James F. Briggs, Timothy A. Toth, Brian P. Olson, and Jacob G. Lapierre

100 kHz bandwidth ultrasonic recording system, Mark R. Holcomb, Stephanie N. Schneider, and James F. Briggs


Perceptions of Retirement Savings Relative to Peers, Janet L. Koposko, Helen Kiso, Douglas A. Hershey, and Paul Gerrans

Submissions from 2013


Reexposure to the amnestic agent alleviates Cycloheximide induced retrograde amnesia for reactivated and extinction memories, James F. Briggs and Brian P. Olson

Submissions from 2010


Cognitive effects of hypercapnia on immersed working divers, Alaleh Selkirk, James F. Briggs, and Barbara Shykoff

Submissions from 2009


Transfer of extinction retrieval cues attenuates the renewal effect in rats, James F. Briggs and David C. Riccio

Submissions from 2008


Fate of the original retrieval cues following the transfer of memory in rats, James F. Briggs and David C. Riccio


Transfer of old ‘reactivated’ memory retrieval cues in rats, James F. Briggs and David C. Riccio

Submissions from 2007

Transfer of memory retrieval cues in rats, James F. Briggs, Kelly I. Fitz, and David C. Riccio

Retrograde amnesia for extinction: Similarities with amnesia for original acquisition memories, James F. Briggs and David C. Riccio

Submissions from 2004

Effects of ontogeny on performance of rats in a novel object-recognition task, Matthew J. Anderson, Gary W. Barnes, James F. Briggs, and Katie M. Ashton