100 kHz bandwidth ultrasonic recording system

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We have developed a complete 100 kHz ultrasonic recording system. The primary components of the system are a SensComp Series 600 Instrument Grade Electrostatic Transducer, custom printed circuit board (PCB), wide-bandwidth instrumentation amplifier, linear-phase filter, fully differential 16-bit analog to digital converter (ADC) sampling at 840 kHz, 168 MHz STM32F4 32-bit microcontroller, and a direct 100 Mbps Ethernet connection. A host computer running a custom application written in C++ provides a unified computer interface that allows the user to control all aspects of the system and provides a real time spectrogram. The system is designed for general use but has been initially used to study the ultrasonic vocalizations of rodents. We demonstrate the system by recording a well-established call made by Long-Evans rats termed 50-kHz vocalizations. The system was also designed with possible physical measurements in mind, e.g., distance, temperature, humidity, and gas mixture ratios.

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