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Current Volume: Volume 8 (2017)

A Letter from the Political Science Department

The Political Science Department is proud to present the eighth edition of the Susquehanna University Political Review. This journal presents some of the best undergraduate research on politics that has been done by Susquehanna students throughout the past academic year, highlighting work that has been done in classes and in senior capstone projects. In addition to recognizing high quality student scholarship, we hope that this journal will encourage upcoming students in their research efforts by showing them the kind of work that can be done by students who engage in research that is both rigorous and creative. Congratulations to Grace Dunigan, Travis Eisworth, Fatima Faris, Maribeth Guarino, and Jordan Sanderson for setting a high bar for future students.

While the journal is supported by the Department, the work is done by the student editorial board who solicits and reviews manuscripts, and chooses the finalists, and who make sure we are ready to go to press. This journal would not exist without the many hours of work they put into this project. The final product is a testament to their efforts. Thanks to this year’s editorial board:

Martin Hooper, Class of 2018

Christina Martin, Class of 2018

Anna Yurkova, Class of 2018

Callen Elslager, Class of 2019

Brianna Knowlton, Class of 2019

Special recognition goes to Elizabeth Paglia, ’20, a Graphic Design major who produced the cover art.

The final thank you goes to Mr. Brian Gilbert ’10 who is the founder of this publication. Without his ideas and encouragement this journal would never have been launched. We’re proud to turn his idea into a tradition.

Susquehanna University Political Science Department

April 2017



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Travis Eiswerth