Susquehanna University Political Review


Benjamin John


Between the dates of April 17th and April 27th 2017 the State of Arkansas carried out the executions of eight men on death row. Bruce Ward, Marcel Williams, Jason McGehee, Kenneth Williams, Stacey Johnson, Ledell Lee, Don Davis, and Jack Jones. Due to the decline in support for the death penalty it has become increasingly more difficult to acquire the drugs used for lethal injections from drug producers Arkansas itself hadn’t conducted an execution in twelve years prior to the April 2017 executions. The reasoning for the executions was because the supply of lethal injections expirations was soon to be overdue, and so the state of Arkansas moved to use the supply before the lethal injections had expired. The sudden and promptly conducted executions have rekindled debated over the rationality of the death penalty in the modern day. In the heart of this debate lies on of the oldest and most perplexing question mankind has yet to answer: what is justice, and who is responsible for providing it?